Trigger Point Therapy

Microwave cooking has become very popular around the world because of its speed in cooking and heating. Microwaved food looses it crisp look for a soggy look and does not stay as hot as long as cooking with a conventional oven. Even though the food looses it appealing appearance and is striped of it vital nutrients most people still prefer using the microwave oven over the conventional oven because it is quicker.

However, many of us are unaware of the harmful effects caused by using a microwave for cooking or heating foods. The fact is that in spite of the convenience  the microwave  is causing harm to your foods, and passing these harmful effects on to the  consumer!

Here are some facts to learn and consider regarding microwave cooking.

• Microwaves destroy the life-force altering the food chemistry causing structural         disintegration while losing 60-90% of the vital nutrients.
• Microwaves create cancer causing agents within foods.