Phosphate Colline IV Therapy

The RDA of this mineral—a number of the men still had below normal

Concentrations of the mineral’s ionized form. However, once these men were

Placed on diets containing four to five times the RDA of the mineral, the

Proportion of ionized magnesium in their blood climbed into the healthy

Range—despite no change in total magnesium concentrations.


What all this suggests, Altura says, is that whether someone is deficient

In the biologically active form of the mineral may not be detectable through

Measures of total magnesium. Indeed, his data on cardiac cells indicate that

If the concentrations of ionized magnesium falls 25 to 40 percent below

Normal—irrespective of the total amount of magnesium

Present—magnesium-dependent enzymes no longer function properly.

Where do we find magnesium?

Perhaps because

Magnesium plays such important roles in both animals and plants, it shows up in

All unprocessed foods. However, much of what we eat is processed, and once lost,

Magnesium is seldom replenished through intentional food fortification.

To enrich the diet naturally with this mineral, look to nuts, legumes, and

Unmilled grains. Removing the germ of cereals and the outer seed husks

Eliminates 80 percent of any magnesium present in the whole grain. Green

Vegetables and bananas are also relatively good sources of the mineral.