Nutritional IV Therapy


Banana Bunch Egroup

The Banana Bunch currently has 59

Members. It is a Yahoo egroup. What

Happens is you send your email to and your

Email goes to all the members in the

Group. On the Banana Bunch website you can

View the archived messages, choose to

Receive a daily digest of the messages, or

Choose not to receive the emails at all

And just view them on the site. Its a

Great service and one of our most

Successful communications. It seems to be

A favorite of everyone.



Message Board

The message forums consist of a

Migraine forum, a bartter forum, a prayer

Forum, a teen forum and a question and

Answer forum that is answered by an RN or

  1. These message forums are great because

You do not need to sign up to view or post

Messages. This way people who surf on the

Site can participate in the messages

Without worrying about signing up for

Anything. The migraine forum is the most

Popular of the forums and as you can see

Has over 2,000 message threads. Its a fun

And easy way to stay in contact.





Bunch Chatroom

The chatrooms are a great way to talk

To others live. The problem is not too

Many people just go into the chats. You

Can change this by visiting them often. We

Have a solution to this by scheduling

Chats. We have two chats each week that we

Schedule ahead of time. I will send out

Reminders to the bananabunch group and

This mailing list and plan on posting the

Chat times on the site. To get to the

Banana Bunch chatroom you have to be an

Egroup member. To get to the talkcity chat

All you have to do is click on the link.

It does not require a sign up which is the

Benefit of this chatroom. Either way it is

A great way to chat live with other

Bartter and Gitelman patients. So stop in

And visit the chatrooms or stop by one of

The scheduled chats. Check the website for

Scheduled times.