Kalish Method of Functional Medicine Denver

Kalish method of Functional Medicine is a medical method designed to meet the challenges posed by the current health needs of developing countries. Kalish method of Functional Medicine Denver makes an innovative fusion of Functional Medicine matrix, a process of interpretation chronic diseases with the concept and the method of Integrative Medicine.

It shows a deep relationship between doctor and patient, giving emphasis to the person as a whole, based on scientific evidence and using all therapeutic approaches, healthcare professionals and disciplines appropriate to obtain a health and optimal treatment.​

This medical approach seeks to understand the underlying causes of chronic diseases, not satisfying with the timely elimination of symptoms, focuses on the patient and considers health as a positive vitality. It is based on six key principles which change the basis of malaise and chronic diseases. Which includes;​

  • Patient-centered care rather than disease.
  • Identification of health as a positive vitality and not merely the absence of disease.
  • Biochemical Individuality.
  • Dynamic Balance between external and internal (genetic, environmental, etc.) factors.
  • Consider the individual as a whole: interaction body, mind and spirit to a complete approach.
  • To promote not only increased lifetime, but the time of life with optimal health.

​All Paradigm shifts are difficult and new ideas often face many critics, especially when we take out of the comfort zone we have been traveling. But the time came when a radical transformation leading to a healthy real life is necessary.

Kalish Method of Functional Medicine Treatment in Denver​

Functional medicine treatment plan works deeply with the patients, understanding how lifestyle, diet and environment influence our gene expression and determine how we look, act and feel, making them part of this transformation in health care. So this alternative treatment option gives attention to the individual needs of each patient. It works on the motivation and commitment of those seeking a solution for their ailments, with particular emphasis on the importance of changing lifestyles.​

If we change our lifestyles in a certain way, we can restore the balance in our body and thus positively affect our health or disease pattern. Our human genome is very particular and also distinguished by its specific skills written in our book of life. What we can do to adjust our lifestyle, diet and environment to increase this potential so unique. Functional medicine is the best answer to this.​

If we propose for the XXI century quality medical model, must recognize and validate more effective and fruitful clinical models. One way to do this is to put emphasis on medical education, training professionals in the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases in the population and creating awareness of what we can do to improve our health.​

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